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Chin And Jawline Filler

Dermal filler is an effective treatment to sculp the chin and jaw area, adding definition and a stronger profile.

The chin plays an important role in how a face is perceived (think of a ‘weak chin’, vs a ‘strong chin’ and the impact on your perception), and is an important part of ‘sexual dimorphism’ – the difference between the sexes.

Typically, men have a chin that is more square, long and wide ( a strong, masculine chin), while an ideal ‘feminine’ chin is smaller, rounder and more tapered, with a gently triangular appearance from the front, rather than square.

Projection of the chin from the side profile is also to be considered with both sexes.

Your face proportions are ultimately governed by two factors; genetics and age. Genetics help define your underlying bone structure and this is the way your face has naturally formed. It may include a short chin, a recessive chin or both. As you age, you experience bone reabsorption, loss of supporting fat pads, and hyperactivity of the chin muscle which can all cause the chin to flatten, shorten and sag.

The loss of volume in the chin area with age can also contribute to sagging of the jawline and the skin of the neck.

Treating the chin with dermal filler can be an effective way to correct proportions by projecting, lengthening and lifting, strengthening, building and blending the lower face and chin area.

Our clinicians understand the balance, harmony and proportions of the face and their focus is ensuring natural-looking results that still make you look like you – just refreshed!


Where do I start?
As with all of our injectable treatments, you must have an Initial Injectable Consultation before proceeding with your first treatment. This ensures you are fully educated and informed before proceeding with treatment.

During the consultation, your clinician will assess your face, discuss your requirements and devise a tailored treatment plan which will include pricing and dosage. We will then take some ‘before’ photos and if you wish to proceed with treatment, we will make an appointment for you at a later date.

How is an injectable chin enhancement performed?
Treatment takes between 20-60 minutes, as we are focused on achieving a beautiful, natural looking result. Your clinician will apply numbing cream first in order to help with any discomfort. We will take ‘after’ photos and then schedule a follow-up appointment to check in on the results.
What are the risks associated with an injectable chin enhancement?
Our clinicians are trained, highly skilled doctors and registered nurses. The possible risks and side effects will be outlined and discussed in your initial consultation although these risks are unlikely and rare.

We only use HA (Hyaluronic Acid) fillers which are made from a naturally occurring sugar molecule found in the human body – only in a stabilised form.

To find out if this injectable treatment is right for you, contact us for an Initial Injectable Consultation with one of our medical team. Book online here or give us a call on 0800 267 633
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