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Dissolving Filler With Hyalase

Hyalase is an effective treatment to dissolve unwanted HA-based dermal filler.

Hyaluronic (HA) fillers have been used for more than 20 years, and are now the most commonly used injectables for filling lips, cheeks, chins and the under-eye area, as they are naturally based and integrate well into the tissues. Long-term benefits have been seen with repeated use of hyaluronic fillers, as they stimulate collagen and elastin. One of the key features of the HA fillers is that they are temporary (lasting 4-18 months depending on the product used) and reversible – they can be dissolved quickly and easily with injections of hyaluronidase (the enzyme that breaks down HA naturally in our bodies).

Over the years we’ve seen a significant increase in people being ‘over-treated’ and having their filler migrate into unfavourable places, requiring a need to dissolve and either correct or “start again”.

Truth be told, filler migration can occur after treatment at any clinic, even ours. However, it is much more likely to occur when an area has been over-treated, and too much filler is injected, too often. That’s why we pride ourselves on saying ‘no’ – even when sometimes our clients want more!


Can I have Hyalase, if my treatment was done elsewhere?
Over the years we’ve seen significant growth of people asking us to remove their filler, done by other clinics.

We always encourage you to return to the clinic that did your treatment so they are aware and have a chance to correct this.

If it is not an option or you have done with no success we’d be more than happy to help.

How does Hyalase work?
Hyalase or hyaluronidase is the enzyme that breaks down HA naturally in our bodies. When we want to break down HA fillers, we inject higher doses of hyalase into the filler, and it accelerates the break down of the product. It just breaks it down faster into carbon dioxide and water, which are safely and quickly removed by the body.
What area is Hyalase most commonly used?
In recent years we have started seeing more people whose lip filler has migrated into their upper lip, creating the ‘duck lip’ appearance. This can occur either immediately, with injudicious use of large amounts of filler in the upper lip, or can slowly creep up over time. What is interesting is that repeated treatment of just the red part of the lip, or the lip border, can also lead to the filler migrating into the white lip tissues creating a distinctive prominence of the upper lip.

Unfortunately, in this instance, the filler tends to not break down quickly, and the most effective way to reverse the prominent ‘duck lip’ is to use hyaluronidase to dissolve most or all of the old product, and start again with a ‘clean canvas’. The two weeks between dissolving the old product and replacing the filler can often be a significant mental shift for people who are used to seeing overfilled lips in the mirror, although everybody around them will usually tell them they look so much better.

How long after having Hyalase can I be re-treated?
We recommend leaving two weeks between dissolving and re-treatment to allow the tissues to recover appropriately. If you, or a friend, have noticed potential lip filler migration, or prominence of filler under the eyes (also caused by migration of product, and treated in the same way) it is best to see a trained professional for a consult to explore your options.
How long is does it take for Hyalase to work?
Hyalase instantly beings to dissolve HA filler the moment it is injected, with final results displaying about 24 – 48 hours after treatment. We like to start slowly and bring you back to check results, and add more if needed. You will likely notice some swelling in the injected area
Is Hyalase safe?
There is a rare chance of allergic reaction to the hyalase (the hyalase we use is Ovine – or sheep-based – in origin). Because of this we will do a test patch on your arm prior to doing the treatment on your face/or whichever the area you would like the dermal filler removed.

If there is a reaction during your test patch, we will not proceed with Hyalase treatment. We will discuss all this in depth at your appointment, but feel free to message us with any further questions.

How much does Hyalase cost?
If coming to dissolve treatment from another clinic, it will cost $500 ($250 for the consult and $250 for the product /treatment) per treatment. If you require additional Hyalase appointments, these will be charged at a further $250.

We will need notes on your previous treatment so that we can advise whether or not the treatment can be performed to your needs.

I'm in the industry and would like to attend a Hyalase Workshop!
Great! We’ve been running a successful Hyalase Workshop out of our Takapuna clinic for years. Run by Dr Cat, this is an interactive workshop on Hyalase and dermal filler safety.

This workshop will be a hands-on approach, with lots of practical application, in an intimate small group training environment.

To secure your spot at our next workshop, please register here.

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