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Our Values

We sat down as a full team to collectively land on five fundamentals that spark us, define us and make us us. We strive to achieve these values every day, for each and every client. These values all lead into our main mission – Cosmedicine With Integrity.

Create exceptional experiences.

We create exceptional experiences built on ‘meaningful moments’. With world-class expertise in natural Cosmedicine, our team care deeply about elevating your day and offering you the ultimate experience from start to finish.

We take the time to know you, your lifestyle, your desires, your budget, how you want to feel and will reassess you each time we see you, to ensure you are always getting the most bespoke treatment for your needs. We’re long-term thinkers and have finessed a fine skill for face mapping and honing our craft to match your needs.

Lead the industry.

Since our inception as Australasia’s first specialised BotoxⓇ centre in 2001, we have always led the way. We launched NZ’s first MedSpa in 2004 and were the first to bring sexual rejuvenation to Australasia. Our founder Dr Cat, known as an industry pioneer, hand-picks the finest team of natural Cosmedicine artists who are all experts at combining science with art. Renowned as the gold standard and a multi-award winning center in Cosmedicine, it’s a reputation we’re quietly confident we’ve earnt.

Listen deeply and engage in honest conversation.

No one knows your face the way you do, and no one knows Cosmedicine like we do. Our skin and injectable artists have no sales targets, commissions or quotas. It’s why you can trust that our duty of care is a top priority. We actively listen and communicate honestly. This also means we are not afraid to say ‘no’ if we think a treatment will make you look over done or less ‘you’. We are your cheerleaders, your confidants, your trustworthy advisors.

Empower by education.

Our clients choose us because they value the power of feeling informed. We do too. It is why we put so much work and time into our initial consultations. We are champions of always learning and our team travels worldwide in the pursuit of continuous growth and development. We are generous with the knowledge we gain and share it with our team, clients, and industry peers, regularly running workshops and training academies.

Have fun doing what we love.

We have the most supportive, loving environment at TFP and we love to giggle with our clients! People often comment about how you can hear the sounds of joy and infectious laughter throughout the clinic. While we take our job very seriously, we’re not stuffy or sterile and we always keep our sense of humour.

Whilst we’ve been pioneering this space for over 20 years, our journey of breaking stigmas to help people experience meaningful moments is only just getting started. Read more on what we’ve done here.

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