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Medical-Grade Skincare

At The Face Place we pride ourselves on the outstanding and consistent results achieved with improving skin condition. Our approach is holistic and incorporates the use of topical nutrition or skincare with a focus on replacing essential nutrients in the skin, A, B and C. UV breaks down these nutrients literally on a minute by minute basis, leaving the skin impaired and unable to protect itself as efficiently or carry out normal skin cell functions. It is absolutely fundamental to use these nutrients daily to make healthy change in the skin creating beautiful, hydrated, even, luminous skin.

Skincare containing these vitamins must be at significant doses to make any tangible change; these active levels can sometimes create responses such as temporary dryness, flaking and reactivity in the skin and therefore must be prescribed or guided by a skin care professional.

For this reason you will see little change with ‘over the counter products’ as they may not contain the necessary levels of A, B and C. Different levels are required for varying skin conditions and a progressive increase of certain nutrients is required to see optimum results. Medical-grade skincare is an absolute ‘must’ to create healthy skin.

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To start your skincare journey and have any of our advanced skin treatments, you will need to be on active skincare for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment, to optimise results and reduce potential side effects. By ‘prepping’ your skin with these ingredients, you are putting it in the best possible condition before stimulating it further – ensuring glowing, rejuvenated and healthy skin.

Excellent medical-grade skincare ranges include: Aspect Dr, Cosmedix, Environ and PCA – your Medical Skin Therapist will recommend a treatment course during your skin assessment.

You will need to see one of our highly trained Medical Skin Therapists to have your products ‘prescribed’ for you, as the higher doses of active ingredients mean you may have a reaction (just like medicine) if you don’t use these properly.

To find out the best medical-grade skincare for your unique skin, contact us for an Initial Skin Consultation with one of our skin team. Book online here or give us a call on 0800 267 633
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